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Basic Package

The basic company formation package provides you with all of your company documents in digital format.


Company Manager allows you to manage your company via our portal. Making changes to the company couldn’t be simpler it also saves you costs further down the line. Free Admin Portal to Manage your company

Companies House company incorporation fee included Company Formation

A certificate of incorporation is a legal document relating to the formation of a company or corporation. It is a license to form a corporation issued by state government. Certificate of Incorporation

The memorandum of association is the document that sets up the company and the articles of association set out how the company is run, governed and owned. Memorandum and Articles of Association

A share certificate is a certificate issued by a company certifying that on the date the certificate is issued a certain person is the registered owner of shares in the company. Share Certificates

A company register is a set of documents that is needed by every company to be compliant with the Corporations Act 2001. Company Register

Printed Certificate of Incorporation

Printed Memorandum and Articles of Association

First Minutes

A copy of your company’s initial board meeting, where the first resolutions for your company were passed. Printed First Minutes

Printed Company Register

Printed Share Certificates

PAYE stands for 'Pay As You Earn'. Every limited company, even if the director is the sole employee, must register to set up its own payroll, which deducts income tax and National Insurance Contributions from salaries paid to all staff employed by the company. Payee Registration

Value Added Tax (VAT) is valid tax levied by the Central Government on the value added to a product or services before reaching to the final customers VAT Registration

Pearl Accountants Service

If you choose to take Pearl's monthly accountancy service as part of your company formation then you will receive a discount of the cost of a basic company formation.

Total Cost:


Please note: the £1 company formations deal is eligible for one per customer